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The GT20 is a hand wired, lightweight, classically styled amplifier designed to deliver stunning clean tones. With a harmonically rich tone and control over amplifier dynamics the GT20 is the prefect pedal platform for guitarists who care about their tone.

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The GT20, designed from the ground up as a full of tone clean amp. The brief was to provide a warm transparent clean tone as an excellent pedal platform so you can really hear just how good a pedal can be.

The GT20 uses a pair of 5881/6L6GC output valves for a little more of an American voice that suits many of today’s boutique pedals. The preamp EQ allows enough range of control, enhancing but never dominating the core tone of your pedal choices.

The attack control, first featured on the award winning C7 amplifier, is key to the success of making the GT20 work with a wide range of overdrive pedals. The attack control adjusts the amount of negative feedback in the power amp. This allows you to change the dynamic and frequency response together with the onset point of power valve overdrive to suit your pedal choice.

Another feature last seen as a custom option on a Series 2000 is tremolo. The GT20 incorporates a bias modulating tremolo. This type of tremolo is incredibly difficult to emulate in a pedal as it needs to interact with the power valves, changing harmonics and volume at the same time.

Lightweight aluminium chassis shares the same DNA as the Series 2000 head. This light chassis construction allows us to use a traditional wood sleeve for classic aesthetics while keeping the overall weight down.

Transformers are made for us in the UK to our design. They are carefully selected for the right balance of dynamics and harmonics. The power supply has just the right amount of sag and compression from the rectifier valve to encourage expressive playing.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 55 × 24.5 × 26.5 cm


Panel Controls

Volume, Attack, Bass, Treble, Depth, Speed

Auto Biasing


Preamp Valves

2 x JJ ECC83

Effects Loop




Output Valves

2 x 6L6/5881

Power (W)

20w RMS clean power


Proprietary UK made

Turret Board


Cathode Biasing


Fixed Bias


Footswitch Controls

Trem on/off

Ohms Output

8 & 16, one socket each. Additional cabs must be daisy chained together.



Output Class

AB Push Pull