Matamp Minimat

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The all new Minimat has been redesigned to suit the needs of guitarist in a small form factor whilst retaining the Matamp sound.

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We have the last two left in stock ready to ship with slight cosmetic marks, fully functioning and fully guaranteed!

Following on from its award wining predecessor, we present the all new UK hand built Minimat, a portable valve guitar amplifier head. The design brief was simple, make a small, light and great sounding amplifier. The original Minimat opened the door to a flood of low wattage heads, we wanted to create something that outshines other lunchbox amps whilst retaining Matamp style, tone & build quality.

The new for 2017 Minimat features an all steel chassis with a brushed stainless front and a rugged black powder coat finish for the rest. The front panel is an in house manufactured etched plexi panel which illuminates when powered up. We have spent many hours and various revisions to come to a PCB layout that maintains the depth of tone normally associated with our handwired amps, we have them manufactured for us here in Yorkshire.

Minimat is equipped with transformers made to our specification, supplied by one of the same companies that we use in our other amplifiers.

As with many of our heads, we use JJ valves. A JJ ECC83 for the preamp stage and a JJ 6V6s for the output stage. Don’t be fooled by the modest 5w ouptut, this like all Matamps is measure clean power. The Minimat is capable of performing live, especially if mic’d up.

Around the back we have an output socket which features an attenuator allowing for crunchy overdriven tones at lower volumes, ideal for not upsetting the neighbours. There is also a pure tone output which is unattenuated for maximum volume and tone.

The final feature is a voice button that gives the option for a cleaner or more overdriven tone. This adjusts both the preamp and poweramp configuration. Out and the amp runs with negative feedback and a lower gain preamp, this delivers a great range of cleaner to light overdrive sounds. With the button in the preamp gets a touch more gain while the negative feedback is removed letting the power amp overdrive earlier.

While Minimat is small in size, its 5 watt power output is anything but small, giving the legendary Matamp tone in a versatile amp that sounds great in the living room or live on stage.

Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 27 x 12.5 x 22 cm


Ohms Output

8 with or without attenuator

Effects Loop


Panel Controls

Power, Volume, Tone & Voice (on the rear panel)


Proprietary UK made

Power (W)

5 w RMS clean power

Preamp Valves

1 x JJ ECC83

Output Valves

1 x JJ 6V6s