Green Matamp Series 3000


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Slightly modified Series 3000 for more of a baby GT120 vibe

60 day build time required. Read More..

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The Series 3000 is a direct descendant of the amp that started it all for Matamp, the Series 2000, made famous by Peter Green among many. The Series 3000 Green has a warm and dynamically responsive tone that sounds great on its own or with pedals. This Green version has a slightly stiffer power supply and is the perfect baby GT120 when you want the tone but not the massive volume.

The preamp is the same as a Series 2000 apart from a drive pot in place of the switch. The output stage combines aspects of the Orange Matamp ORST and Series 2000. It features a pair of cathode bias EL34s fed by a GZ34 rectifier valve to give 30w of clean dynamic power with a little less sag than the standard Series 3000.

The tone is pure vintage Matamp from the Cooper-Mathias era of Orange-Matamp, but without the expense of owning an original. If you’re lucky enough to own an original you can now retire your prized vintage amp and achieve all of the British blues tones you love, if you’ve never experienced true vintage Matamp tone what are you waiting for?


Finished in Green Style, Black Panel, Green vinyl and hand painted logo.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 56.5 × 27.5 × 31.5 cm


Panel Controls

Voice, Drive, Bass, Treble, Boost, Volume

Auto Biasing


Preamp Valves

3 x JJ ECC83

Effects Loop

Passive series FX loop



Output Valves

2 x JJ EL34

Power (W)

30w RMS clean power


Proprietary UK made

Turret Board


Footswitch Controls


Cathode Biasing


Fixed Bias