Matamp 2×10 SL Alnico


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Lightweight Birch faced Poplar cabinet with a choice of Celestion Alnico speakers, handmade in the UK.

60 day build time required. Read More..
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Celestion Alnico Speakers

Choose from a range of Celestion Alnico speakers to suit your needs, you can select the Ohms. The total maximum power rating of the cabinet will 2 times the rating of the lowest value speaker.

Matamp SL Cabinet

We developed the new SL cabinet range for guitarists who are looking for great three dimensional tone but a lighter setup for when on the road.

The design features an open back to give the perfect balance of bass, projection and punch without any of the directionality associated with traditional closed back designs.

The new Matamp SL Anico speaker cabinet features British made black basketweave vinyl, Lloydloom speaker cloth and stringing. Heavy duty metal handles and the new ‘M’ design front complete the package.

The wood used to construct the cabinet is birch faced poplar plywood, using this wood reduces the weight by over 40% without any loss of strength. It is also highly resonant, making for a great sounding cab reminiscent of solid wood designs.

Like all Matamp Cabinets, the 2×10 SL is handmade in our factory in Huddersfield in the UK.

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Corner Colour


Grill Cloth

Lloyd Loom

Handle Colour




Power Rating

2 x Speaker Choice Output



Vinyde Colour

Black Basket Weave